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Need the locks in your home or business in Houston re-keyed? Have the experts at Golden Locksmith Houston to do all necessary re-keying. Rekeying involves changing a lock’s internal pins so a new key can make the lock open. There’s many reasons for re-keying locks, from keys being lost or misplaced to stolen. Many people choose to rekey locks when they move into a new home, since you don’t know how many people already have keys. Re-keying allows for older keys to be replaced without having to replace the entire lock. Our experts are trained to do this quickly, with zero mistakes.

Pros of Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is a great strategy, as it allows you to maintain key control when moving into a new property. This basically means that you have a full accounting of every key that can be used to operate the lock. Rekeying allows us to correct any problems that might be affecting your ability to operate the lock without having to replace it. Most locks are lubricated when they are rekeyed, making their operation much more smooth.

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One of the most practical, cost-effective benefits of rekeying is that it doesn’t involve the labor intensive and costly process of completely replacing the entire lock. The process simply involves changing the inner pins inside the lock, so only a brand new key will work. This is much cheaper and faster than replacing the entire lock, but offers home and property owners the peace of mind that they need to know that their location is comprehensively secure.

Process of Rekeying Locks a Golden Locksmith Houston

Locks are rekeyed through modifications to the master pins, that double the number of keys that operate the lock. In many cases, up to 16 separate keys can operate a single door’s lock. Rekeying basically removes these master pins, and replaces them with another key cylinder, eliminating the possibility of another key being able to operate the locks.

Brief Lock Rekeying History

The process of rekeying was invented in New Jersey in 1836 by the locksmith Solomon Andrews, when he created tumblers that could be removed and scrambled. The inner keys had interchangeable parts that could match configurations of other tumblers. This technology, with the ability to be changed into various arrangements, became the basis for all modern combination locks.

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