Safes Installation & Repair Service

Residential and Commercial Safe Installation & Repair in Houston

Golden Locksmith feels proud to have the area’s best safe specialists as a part of our team. And with their experience, you get fully insured, licensed and bonded solutions for different type of safe locksmith services across Greater Houston and the attached region.

We understand your needs for a Secure Safe

Our team of professional and experienced technicians capable of handling your safe service and repair needs. Our knowledge and expertise is incomparable for any residential or commercial need. Whether its sales, installation or repair for safes locksmith service, Golden Locksmith will never let you down.

Commercial Safe Installation

The safe specialists have been trained in all the technologies used for safe cracking, safe repair and safe maintenance. Not able to open your electronic keypad safe or the keypad is not working? Don’t get frustrated.

Whatever the issues you are experiencing with your safes; call the safe specialists or get a quote (safes locksmith) from Golden Locksmith. Within 30 minutes they reach for help, diagnose and fix the problem for you. Here is the list of safes locksmith services (residential and commercial) we offer;

  • Commercial Safe Repair
  • Commercial Safe Combination Changing
  • Commercial Safe Lockout
  • Home Safe Installation
  • Home Safe Repair
  • Home Safe Combination Changing

Consultation on the right safe to purchase and installation

If you face any problem with the mechanical combination safe which comprises of all your valuables then this is surely a matter of concern. You cannot leave your safe vulnerable to theft or damage. Secondly, there is not even a single home or office, which is invincible to fire and water damage. Hence, you always need to store your valuable assets and documents in a fire resistant safe. But, only professionals can judge the quality of the safes.

Our safe specialists are available 24/7 to help you. We make the work easier for you getting the most secure and preserved place for keeping your valuable possessions, even if you happen to experience a fire or flood at your home or office. Although, we tend to proffer competitive rates to all our customers, yet for the senior citizens, police officers and military officers we proffer 10% discount in addition.

We understand the worth of your assets and how important it is to keep them secure. Thus, if you forget the combination to your combination safe, the ‘time lock’ locks you out or unable to unlock the electronic safe or lost the key to your safe; call us for expert safes locksmith services. We will be there with all our tools and technique to handle all your problems efficiently!

Golden Locksmith Houston TX repairs and installs a wide range of safe types, including:

  • Security safes
  • Wall safes
  • Combination safes
  • Electronic safes
  • Depository safes
  • Water resistant safes
  • Fire resistant safes
  • Floor safes
  • Gun safes
  • Small medium record safes
  • Large record safes
  • Burglary safes
  • Fire safes
  • Safe/chest combination
  • Depository safe
  • Fireproof safes
  • Single-door safe
  • Double-door safe
  • Rotary loading safe
  • Front loading safe
  • Commercial floor safe
  • Residential floor safe
  • Compact utility security
  • Concealed wall safes
  • Money chest
  • Square tube safe
  • Cash register tray safe
  • Pistol safe
  • Gun safe
  • Firelined safe
  • Firelined gun safe
  • Commercial High-Security safe
  • Burglary protection safe
  • Robbery protection safe
  • And much more!

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yes, we defiantly can install wall safes and floor safes on wood or concrete

Yes, we use special tools that allows safe delivery for big Heavy-Duty safes.

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